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The Country In-Laws Acoustic Duo consists of Mark Robinson and his sister-in-law Andrea Robinson.  Mark has been playing guitar since the age of 5 and while writing in Nashville, he had the opportunity to write with Waylon Jennings' producer and road manager, along with other professional acts. Music has been a major part of his life and his original music has played on several national radio stations and he has demoed many songs for professional artists.  He has performed at many venues including night clubs and casinos, weddings, receptions and private parties and so on. He is owner/operator of Mark's Music Recording Studio.  Although he loves recording music, he has never lost his love to perform.  Andrea started singing in church as a young child and although she continues to do that, she also loves country music and loves to perform. She may not have the same musical background that Mark does, however, she was an accomplished singer, songwriter and piano player while in North Carolina, where she lived and performed for 11 years.  She also had some of her originals played on local radio stations. Upon the passing of her husband, she moved back to Louisville. The Country In-Laws Duo was born when she met Mark's brother Rob and got married, which they plan on keeping this name as long as they stay married lol (just kidding). Both Mark and Andrea love various country music artists and when they started singing together, the harmonies just seemed to match.  They are looking forward to taking their show on the road and performing live so if you like all sorts of country and a little rock and oldies this is the acoustic act for you. 

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