Mark teaches most stringed instruments from beginner to advanced level in both hour and half hour sessions.  The cost is $15 a week per half hour session or $25 an hour per session. It's recommended that beginning students start with half hour lesson, intermediate student half hour to hour lesson, advance student 1 hour. Listed below are all instruments taught at mmla recording studio along with the skill level.

Beginner                                     Intermediate                               Advanced 

  Guitar                                           Guitar                                         Guitar
  Bass                                               Bass                                            Bass
  Drum                                             Drum                                          Drum 
  Mandolin                                      Mandolin                                    Vocals
  Fiddle                                            Fiddle    
  Dobro                                            Dobro       
  Banjo                                             Ukulele
  Ukulele                                          Vocals                                                                                                                                             

We also offer group rates for churches, religious organizations, bands and small kid groups. Enjoy a 10% saving on our regular group rate of $40 per hour in house or $50 per hour at mobile locations. In addition, we offer tech support on setting up, troubleshooting, mixing and helping you learn to operating your equipment. So the next time you have any p a problems let us help you get the results that you want. Thanks again for checking out and remember we are just an email, text or call away.

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